Hrant Guzelian, the living hero

Just months ago Mr. Hrant Guzelian (Guzelyan) visited Lebanon and shared his memories about Camp Armen or Badanegan Doon, which he personally endeavored to establish and keep it open in order to bring Armenian orphans from Anatolia to Camp Armen and educate and rear them as Christian Armenians, one of whom was Hrant Dink. We know that for his heroic services, Mr. Hrant Guzelian, was imprisoned and incarcerated by the Turkish authorities. Camp Armen was taken away by the Turkish government and Mr. Guzelian was deported to France through special interventions. The Armenian people in general and Armenian Evangelical in particular owe him a great debt of gratitude for his past services.

However, today, we received the news from Rev. Gilbert Leonian (France) through Rev. Vahan Tootikian (USA) that he is combating against cancer.

Remember Hrant in your prayers...

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