Thank You!

Besides the encouraging comments that we receive on the Emmanuel Chanitz blog, we receive encouraging comments by telephone, email, and face to face, from Lebanon and from abroad.
I want to mention and thank Rev. H. Svajian, Rev. N. Balabanian, Mrs. S. Balabanian, Rev. H. Tootikian, Rev. S. Terzian, Ms. S. Geocherian, Rev. N. Bakalian, Mrs. M. Bakalian, Mr. Agopian, Mr. A. Balian, Mrs. Geyikian, Mr. H. Jebejian Mrs. M. Haidostian, pastor S. Trashian, pastor D. Basmajian, and each and every member of the Emmanuel Chanitz members.

Your support and encouragement mean a lot...

Thank you!