Celebrating with the graduates and Farewell to Sirag

On Wednesday, July 4, our Chanitz youth group celebrated the graduation of 3 of our members:
  • Mr. S. Ohanian, graduated and received his MBA
  • Ms. R. Kalfayan, graduated from Baccalaureate II class
  • Ms. A. Kazezian, graduated from Baccalaureate II class
The varchoutyoun had already planned the event and prepared the cakes and the cokes, and had bought the presents.

Ms. S. Geocherian gave to each graduating chanitzagan their gifts.

We also said goodbye to Ms. S. Karagoezian, who will marry with Rev. D. Basmajian and together will stay in Damascus, where Rev. Basmajian currently serves.

Everyone wrote in the Farewell card, exchanged gifts and kisses, took group pictures, and celebrated.

It was one hyper night!