Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen (Պատանեկան Տուն) 3

Rakel [the future wife of Hrant Dink], I have brought her with a group of 20 from Silopi. Her father has arrived to take the boys to their place during their summer vacation. Rakel tells me:
- "Sir, can you give me a song book and a Bible, I will bring them back with me when I return."
- "What are you going to do with the song book and the Bible", I ask.
- "Sir, I will teach them to the kids in my country, I will lead worship there", she replies.
In one year, she has learnt to write, read and speak, as well as, many spiritual songs and Bible truths, and she wants to teach the things she learnt with those kids in her place, instead of playing house games with her friends.

Currently, from those (France) who visit Bolis, I know that she is conducting and leading meetings, where 30 people gather, and she also translates in the Gedik Pasha Evangelical Church. Rev. Jean Hagopian has told me with glee about these.

Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen, Hrant Guzelian

*Translation by R. Chil.