Suggestion from our Reader to our Soccer Players

Yesterday, we received a comment from Mike on the post about the game that the veterans played against our youth (chaneets) team (Ֆութպոլի Մրցում Վեթէրանններուն Հետ).

Here it is:

"So my brothers in great country of Lebanon, I attended Ashrefiyeh's high school from 1988-1992 (during Nashian years), when I was 8, so you are very dear to my heart over there. I would have to root for Ashrefiyeh!!
I would like to start coordinating such an event. Anyone else on board?? I would love to coordinate an Armenian Evangelical Church Sports Tournament.
Lets start it! Maybe have a worldwide event in 2009--what y'all think?"

Dear Mike, I'm sure the guys from Ashrafieh, Marash and of course Emmanuel would absolutely love to participate in such an event! Many have been dreaming about pan-Church youth games. I'm sure you'd find major support. (I wonder who would win :)