EMI Christian Group Arrived in Lebanon, Kchag (Քջակ)

EMI group has already arrived safely to Lebanon and they are giving their time freely for Kchag's rebirth plans. In spite of Lebanon's difficult situation, they came here and they started working without being distracted.

I was dumbfounded. It was actually bizarre to me, and to others I'm sure, as to why these engineers, architects and designers agreed to come to Lebanon and why they were working for free.

Much of the answer to my questions I found in their faith.

On the other hand, and from the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Chanitz (youth), 6 young men wanted the EMI group's stay to be safer. For this reason, and on their own free will, they volunteered to guard the premises of Kchag every night. These young men were, H. Assilian, G. Torkomian, G. Sagherian, K. Aynilian, A. Karagoezian and A. Torkomian.

Ogosdin Bedir had the vision of a Summer Camp for the kids and youth. He bought the land and kept it under the care of Armenian Evangelical Churches.