eMi Volunteers in Kchag Present Their Plan

The eMi group, oh yes. Now where should I begin?
These guys had planned to come here in September 2006, but the Israel-Lebanon-Hizballah war changed their plan.
I only got to meet them on their last Sunday, when part of the group attended the Armenian
Evangelical Emmanuel Church. They were 15 volunteers, of whom 4 came to our Church; John, Irwin, Stewart, and Daniel.
Most of them didn't know each other. As much as they were getting to know about kchag and the people who would use the camp, they were also getting to know each other.
I went up to Kchag (the Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Summer Camp). The guys from our Chanitz were there and they have done a tremendous job guarding the camp. They went through some funny experiences, one of which leaked to us:
They were guarding late at night, when all of a sudden they heard footsteps and saw shadows.
All of them jumped on the infiltrator. When they got to see who the intruder was, they found out
that it was actually Mr. Manasseh, the janitor, who was out during the night to turn off one of the lights. Phhhew... that was close...
I'm sure they have other many other stories to tell...
Mrs. M. Bakalian, was also on 24/7 with the rest of the whole team. She was very happy that she was able to make everyone's stay a blessing. She organized the name tags of the team and she arranged their food, which was prepared by the Ladies Ministry Team of Armenian Evangelical Churches of Ashrafieh, Marash and Emmanuel .
There were many other volunteers I'm sure, who worked behind the screens, without whom this would not have been a successful opportunity.
So, on Sunday, we had lunch together in Kchag and after that the team leader Randy introduced their plan. They came up with a nice and satisfactory plan, on which they will still work and put some more enhancements.

Project Team

The 15 volunteers were:

Randy – eMi Team Leader
Jessy Larsen - Volunteer
Craig Hoffman – eMi Team Co-Leader
Susanne Hoffman – Volunteer
Gene Fagan – Architect
Stuart Godfrey - Architect
Dustin James – Civil Engineer
Irwin Kim – Mechanical Eng. Intern
Brett Tippey - Architect
John McKenzie – Civil/Transport. Eng.
Brad Hansen – Mechanical Engineer
Kendra Hansen – Civil Engineer
Jim Cathey – Electrical Engineer
Mary Ann Cathey - Volunteer
Daniel Buker – Structural Engineering

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