Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen (Պատանեկան Տուն) 1

A father from Gemereg, had brought his two daughters, Filor and Gulkhater, whom we named Vartouhi. They had worn long clothes, when their father was about to go, the youngest one embraces her father and starts to cry.
After the girl calms down, the father leaves, promising them that he will visit them again. Those who have been here gather around the newcomers and they quickly become friends with each other. After some time passes, Vartouhi's father arrives to see his daughters. Vartouhi who is the youngest says, "Baba bizi keotu avradlara benzettiler" (papa, they transformed us into disrespectful women), while showing her dress to him. This is because the sewers had shortened their clothes, which were very long.

Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen, Hrant Guzelian

*Translation by R. Chil.