Armenian youth may remain without Summer Camp?

AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association of America) has launched an appeal to the churches and organizations affiliated with them. It seems that a bridge that combined the 2 sides had torn down and many kids and youth will not be able to participate and enjoy their summer and perhaps come to know about Christ, if this bridge is not rebuilt. Here is their appeal:

"April showers bring May flowers. However showers in Armenia this year unfortunately brought much damage to our homeland. Heavy rain that fell in May of 2007 overflowed rivers, uprooted trees, caused rock slides, damaged roads and bridges. This nature’s fury unfortunately caused great damage to the AMAA Hankavan Sheen Shoghig Camp. The bridge over the brook leading to the entrance of the camp was completely destroyed. This was the only access to the camp. The Armenia Summer Camp Committee, all year long, worked hard to raise necessary funds to start the summer 2007 camp season in Armenia. They were anticipating 2000 children to attend camp Hankavan. No one, including the children, predicted this catastrophe. The construction of a new bridge is now a must and necessary to have access to the camp. The cost of building a new bridge is estimated to be $40,000. On behalf of the children in Armenia, we appeal to AMAA members, friends, concerned individuals, Armenian Evangelical Churches worldwide, and affiliate organizations to take up this new challenge and make a special offering in order not to deprive or disappoint our children in Armenia. The Summer Camp program in Armenia is so much appreciated that children who spend a week at camp refuse to return home. Unless we help, they will be forced to stay home all summer and miss this Godgiven opportunity. Please help us save the camp season for them. Together let us build this bridge. Gifts earmarked for this purpose can be mailed using the coupon attached, or through your credit cards calling (201) 265-2607."