The Ups and Downs of the Blogging Path

It was only yesterday, on March 30, that the idea of having what resembles a newsletter that would combine and help us stay connected and informed, was a wild dream.
Out of a dream came out an idea, the idea tranformed into a vision, a vision formulated into a prospect, the prospect a project, then the project came to life!

We went through different stages, through mishaps and blogsome days. Today, we are a year old, and we're still learning to walk in this cyberworld, trying to learn by trial and error, sometimes falling, but having the vision in front of us, we try to stand up and walk again.

On May 2006, Kohar and Jano joined and the Blog Team was founded.

Initially, the blog was exclusively about Chanitz. Later, with time, we also started covering Church and School activities, in which the chanitzagans participated. We also posted about International news, as need be. And many other news and activities.

All these would not be doable if it wasn't for our Church's digital camera. We thank the Church leaders for providing us with one that is very handy and useful!

We want to tell our readers that we have new ideas that we are looking forward to implement. Stay on alert!