Football Competition in Dar el-Awlad

Today, our football team went up to Dar el-Awlad in Mansourieh to participate in a football competition for adults. The participating teams were from different ages, and churches. Some of the churches that were participating were: the Alliance Church, a Baptist church, Ras Beirut Church, All Saints (website and blog), Dar el-Awlad, Arm. Evang. Ashrafieh, ...
Jay, Mano and Koko Ian with the kids of Dar el-Awlad Arm Evang Ashrafieh team
The event was organized mainly by Alister. From Dar el-Awlad we already knew Ian. The referees from our church were J. Baghboudarian, and J. Sagherian.
Alyster on the right while praying J. Baghboudarian Arm Evang Emmanuel team
The finalists were the Dar el-Awlad and Arm. Evang. Ashrafieh teams.
Emmanuel and Ashrafieh teams
The Armenian Evangelical Ashrafieh team won the cup.