A Special Valentine's Message

Today a special Valentine's messages comes from God, our father who is God of LOVE, different from the "worldly" LOVE...

  • Satan wants to steal our joy

  • Satan wants our faith to be unattractive

  • Satan wants us to doubt about God
  • Satan wants us to stand for nothing

  • Satan doesn't want us to care

  • Satan wants us indecisive

  • Satan does not want us to grow in Christ

  • Satan wants us unsure of our salvation

To set the Christian Alarm system against Satan's Attacks:

  • BE right with God for He knows all that is in your heart and mind

  • BE morally pure by not allowing any immoral thought to take control of your thought life
  • BE honest for God abhors hypocrites

  • BE awestruck, for God is Holy

  • BE avoiding for everything that is evil

  • BE responsible for all that God has given you

  • BE praying for yourself and others

  • BE ready for Satan's attacks
  • BE worshiping even you do not feel like it

  • BE believing anyway, no matter the circumstances

And Finally HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL CHANITSAGANS, Remember that God LOVES you for who you are, whatever you have done or doing =)