News: Christmas Party

On Friday at 8:30pm, the Christmas Party took off and ended at 11:00pm with the constant music played by Garo T. We started with the pastor's prayer after which the food was self served. After filling our stomachs, we divided into 2 groups of girls (ա ու ի) and guys (միայն էրգեկներ) to play 2 games. The first was prepared by Raffi Ch. where each team had to identify the title of the film, only by hearing its introduction. The guys came out winning in the end, although the girls were leading at the beginning. The 2nd game was prepared by Mano Ch. where each team had to sing along a song, and keep the rhythm after the sound is muted. The winners were the guys again. After the games, the chanitzagans danced on Armenian songs, after which Shake distributed gifts and verses to each chanitzagan.